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“I’ll grab shirts from the T-shirt pile.” —Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on his easy style ║ Instyle ║ April 2014 ( x )


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Backyard looks sweeeeet today

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Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre by Robert Capa



one more time



one more time

There’s nothing I love more than the action/ thriller/ spy genres, so roxanegay ‘s request could not have been more up my alley. I got about $20 back in that Amazon ebook settlement (yea…I buy a lot of ebooks…), so I got all three books and read them in about five days, which is saying something, since I’ve also been pretty busy with this baby.

The main character is a woman who can soak up information about any environment she is in, and transform herself to fit into that environment. The plots are tight, fast-paced, and exciting. The characters are interesting and seem like real people, inasmuch as these kinds of spy action heroes go.

There is sexual violence in the main character’s background, and featuring heavily in the plots of books two and three. However, it seemed to me to be handled in a way that didn’t highlight the luridness, like in other books and movies that almost seem to work against the aims of the author (ahem, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - “this sexual violence is so bad, but let me describe it in extreme detail anyway…”). Particularly in The Doll, we see a victim that I thought was quite different from most portrayals.

Are there action/ thriller/ spy stories that feature women who have not gone through sexual violence? Is that more a comment on the prevalence of sexual violence against women, or an over-reliance on a plot/character device? hmmm…


Jaime fuckin’ Lannister


Jaime fuckin’ Lannister

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The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, directed by Peter Jackson. 2003.

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Brando, before and after make-up.

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Koen Lybaert

1. Ambient N°0009

2. Ushuaia

3. Lahille Island

4. Akranes

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Pattern recognition, Klaus Leidorf

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