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Basically a nerd, basically a film blog.


Catharsis is my favorite feeling.
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My name is Julie, I post about things I like (including but not limited to):

  • Films I watch at home and in the theatre
  • Comics, video games, and other nerdy things
  • Books, mostly fiction and sci-fi
  • Things that make me laugh, comedy podcasts
  • Delicious things I cook and eat
  • My ridiculous adorable dog
  • Beautiful things, architecture, art, interfaces
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers
I live in Austin, I’ve lived in Pittsburgh, I’ve briefly lived and worked in Slovakia and Serbia, I once took a trip around the world, I was an Information Science major and a Film Studies major, I used to be a professional ballet dancer, I grew up in Albany, NY. I’m Korean, I’m an adopted Cohen, my best friend named me TaeKwonJew. The end.