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Catharsis is my favorite feeling.
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From acclaimed biographer Paula Byrne, the sensational true tale that inspired the major motion picture Belle (May 2014) starring Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson, Emily Watson, Penelope Wilton, and Matthew Goode—a stunning story of the first mixed-race girl introduced to high society England and raised as a lady. (x)

so basically they name drop everyone in the film except for gugu mbatha-raw, who plays the title character

Oh, helllll no! The cover is just a picture of her. The book is about the real person she plays in the movie! But she can’t even be mentioned in the blurb.



my life

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Charles Ray, Plank Piece I-II, 1973

Love this!


"You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain." 

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goawaywithjae replied to your photoset “#tbt to Nutcracker tour  Look at that fantastic split jump but also…”

Holy cow! I had no idea you were a ballerina! Gorgeous!

Thanks! Yup, I was in that semi-serious world for a while (classes six days per week, summer at Boston Ballet, performer with a small company). Growing up with very little money, it was important to me to make money, so I told myself I would go to college and then audition after, if I still wanted. My body didn’t really agree with that plan, though. I get back into taking classes every now and then, but it hurts too much (in several ways) to continue for very long. In a lot of ways, I’m better now than I was at the time of those pics, so that’s a bummer.


A present for all my new followers (hello!) and everyone who has said such nice things about this drawing. I am just over the moon! My Neighbor Jake has gotten over 25,000 notes on Adventure Time’s art blog and I was invited to join Mondo’s Adventure Time art show! It’s all I can do to keep from hyperventilating.

I love you.

PS- A bigger version is available to download here.

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kind of love that Adam and Eve couldn’t even have a MINUTE to enjoy sin in this picture; Eve pulls some fruit off a branch and Death just right away pops his head over a hedge and is like “Oh, helloooooooooooooooo.”

In Alan Rickman’s voice, definitely

#tbt to Nutcracker tour 

Look at that fantastic split jump but also that racial bullshit

Huh maybe this was one of the reasons why I had “issues”

I like to think that the reason why I always did the “Chinese” dance was because of my fucking awesome split jumps, but let’s be real here

Also somehow I was like 10 pounds heavier in high school

I know I shouldn’t have to write that, like yall don’t care and I know I’m not hefty by any real measure but still. Body image ugh


The most creative ways that people are protesting the Hobby Lobby ruling.

Wait, what? Is Think Progress really supporting #2 and part of #3? Don’t rearrange shit in the stores. The people who have to clean it up aren’t the execs or lobbyists, but the minimum wage workers who are getting screwed by the decision in the first place.


Lola Rennt (1998) dir. Tom Tykwer


Lola Rennt (1998) dir. Tom Tykwer

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Favourite spaghetti-westerns + Japanese posters.

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Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god shoes. #nofilter