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The Grey (2011) Joe Carnahan

A great example of why I really try not to watch trailers - the marketing department had a hell of a time marketing this film, and succeeded in completely misleading both its potential audience and its actual audience.

So perhaps it was lowered expectations, but when I put this on for my normal husband-is-out-drinking-so-it’s-time-for-an-action-movie Friday night, I was very pleasantly surprised.

A superb exploration of primal instincts and mortality, using aspects of the horror genre to heighten this survival film, I found it engaging and also completely unexpectedly moving. The wolves pose a genuine threat to man’s survival, but that threat reaches exaggerated proportions - the eyes, the sounds. Liam Neeson takes the best elements of his recent turn as action hero, and channels them into a really great character. The rest of the supporting cast is excellent as well.

#189 - 9/15/2012

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