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#24 - Brokeback Mountain (2005) Ang Lee - 2/12/2013

I was struck by how beautiful this movie was, both in its story and in its cinematography. I already knew most of the beats of the movie, but that didn’t diminish its impact on me. I actually wasn’t really paying full attention throughout (more a reflection of my state of mind than of the movie itself), but somehow I was still moved to tears at the end. Jake Gyllenhal and Heath Ledger brought excellently nuanced complexity to Jack and Ennis. They are two men who love each other, yet who are unable to live with that love.

Brokeback mountain - a gorgeous, massive mountain that fills most of the frame - leaves its impact on the entire film. It serves as the backdrop for the love story; it grounds Jack and Ennis, it is the symbol of their love, and the point of comfort where they yearn to return. But it is also such a visual contrast to the rest of the dry, dusty, sky-filled locations that I constantly wanted to return there too.

I was disappointed that I waited so long to watch this movie. With the amount that it had been mocked in pop culture, and reduced to “the gay cowboy movie”, I was expecting there to be something there to be mocked, but there really wasn’t, and that made me really sad.

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