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Children of Men (2006) Alfonso Cuarón

Re-watching this movie makes me wonder why I ever watch any film only once. The first time I saw Children of Men, I wasn’t blown away. I think I recognized everything about it that made it great, but for some reason I didn’t feel it, it didn’t connect. This time I felt it. Previously, I recognized the technical achievement in the incredibly long takes (there is still great skill in the digital montage), but this time I realized the effect on the viewer, and how I could hardly blink or take a breath until the cut. Previously, I think I understood intellectually what this society was like, but this time I felt the tragedy and hopelessness and desparation. I was moved in a very deep way.

I think Children of Men is an achievement in every respect - the world created is recognizable, real, and richly textured. The cinematography is some of the best ever. Clive Owen did an excellent job, and the supporting characters are great - Julianne Moore, stunning as always, and Michael Caine as the best dad ever. Clare-Hope Ashitey as Kee plays strength and vulnerability, and although this is not her story (strangely), her character and her acting is very good.

Also, it’s impossible to see a close up of Michael Caine and not say “I’m Michael Caine” like you’re Michael Caine. Thanks, The Trip.

#80 - 4/17/2012