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The Fall (2006) Tarsem Singh

Probably my 8th viewing or so, this time with the commentary from the writers and Lee Pace. Really excellent insight into the story from the writers, and really excellent stories from Lee Pace about getting the performance out of Catinca. If you’re a fan, absolutely watch with this commentary on. If you’re not a fan, peace out.

#75 - 4/9/2012


Doop doop reblogging old art for The Fall. From left to right: the Black Bandit, Charles Darwin, the Indian, the Explosions Expert, and the Ex-Slave.

I am watching this at this very moment!

The Fall (2006) Tarsem Singh

Oh look, not a Tom Hardy movie. I love this movie. It looks fucking ridiculous on Blu Ray in 1080p. Still one of my favorite films about what it means to make a movie.

#20 - 1/25/2012

A miscommunication between the casting agent and Catinca Untaru led her to believe that Lee Pace was a real-life paraplegic. Director Tarsem Singh found that this brought an added level of believability to their dialogue, so he decided to keep almost the entire cast and crew under the same impression.  Apparently it was hard to keep up the lie - a makeup artist walked into a room to find Pace standing and almost passed out from shock.

OHHH this is the best thing everrrrrr

Why is Lee Pace not getting more good work? I just looked at his imdb page. huh?

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